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Olivier Richters from the Netherlands is a towering 7 foot 2 inches which makes him the tallest bodybuilder on planet Earth and what’s even crazier is that he dwarfs 6 foot 9-inch Hafthor Bjornsson who’s a monster in his own right. Now, Bjornsson is undoubtedly the largest Strongman competitor right now having won the past two Arnold Classic titles and last year’s World’s Strongest Man competition.

He even plays “the Mountain” on Game of Thrones due to his sheer size but now, he’s no longer the biggest and “baddest man” around.

Now, Richters is something we’ve never seen before and he’s being acknowledged as such… but in an interview with Good Morning Britain, he tells us a little more about his life and career including his new big movie roles…

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Richters explained that he was 6 foot 6 inches at only 14 before reaching his full height of 7 foot 2 inches by 19 years old, which is just insane. But he didn’t pursue basketball (Crazy right?) like any tall kid would as he was more intrigued by the film industry, citing his biggest inspiration being Richard Kiel who also stood at 7 foot 2 inches and played Jaws in the James Bond movie franchise.

But little did he know he’d grow to the same height as Kiel and actually land a role in the upcoming film “Kingsman: The Great Game’.

He described his reaction to hearing about landing his first big role as…

I just got a casting for the Kingsman like half a year ago and I hear that I got the casting for real, I got the role but I actually got tears in my eyes”.

But the casting process was not easy as he actually had to show his acting chops and be able to fight too! The movie will be a prequel to the Kingman series which will be released on February 14, 2020. But his film career doesn’t stop there as he learned of his landing the main role in a new movie called Ocean too.

Now, regarding keeping up with his massive size, Richters eats 6,400 calories a day of healthy foods like chicken and oats. But he explains that he’s always prepared to eat, taking a blender and egg cooker on his travels to ensure he doesn’t miss a meal.

“It’s a constant struggle because every two-and-a-half hours you have to get 1,000 calories in just to maintain this size. The human body consumes so much energy and it needs that push from protein.”

Then when he was asked about his preference in women, Richters stated that his girlfriend is six feet tall because it’s just more “convenient”.

But besides all the attention he’s been getting about his appearance, Olivier Richters is just thankful to have landed the roles he did, making the statement… “my dream is coming true this year”.

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