Meghan Markle compares pregnancy to jetlag and says yoga is her ‘leveller’ as she meets surfers on Bondi Beach

The Duchess of Sussex today admitted her pregnancy “is rather like jet lag” and that she had been doing yoga before sunrise to combat her tiredness. 

Meghan, 37, talked about her experiences as an expectant mother in an ‘anti bad vibes circle’ on iconic Bondi Beach as she and Prince Harry met surfers to discuss mental health issues. 

The duchess was speaking to Charlotte Connell, 35, who is 23 weeks pregnant, after she and Prince Harry arrived at the famous Sydney beach on Friday morning.

Ms Connell said: “Meghan told me that pregnancy was like having jet lag. She said she was up at 4.30am this morning doing yoga in her room as she couldn’t sleep. 


“It’s a bit of a double whammy for her, she said, as she has both the baby and the jet lag to contend with.

“We both talked about how you feel jetlagged even though you have not travelled anywhere. 

“Even in her jet lag she got up to do yoga this morning at 4.30. Physical activity like yoga and surfing is so good for healing your mind.”

The couple travelled to the beach, one of Australia’s most famous landmarks, to meet a local community surfing group known as One Wave. 

Meghan meets a local surfing community group OneWave on Bondi Beach (AP)

It was founded by Grant Trebilco who suffered from mental health issues for a decade but felt unable to talk about them. 

He was eventually diagnosed as being bi-polar and hospitalised. 

When he was discharged, he said surfing was “his saviour” and he finally felt able to open up to his closest friends, who were incredibly sympathetic to him and shared issues of their own. 

He has now created ‘Fluro Fridays’ where people dress up in fluorescent clothes and go to the beach, with the aim of fostering an atmosphere where others can open up about their own mental health issues.

Harry and Meghan, who was wearing a sleeveless Martin Grant dress with espadrille tie wedges, were both given brightly-coloured leis, garlands of flowers, to put round their necks.

Accompanied by Grant, they kicked off their shoes on the edge of the beach and walked barefoot to sit in a group with some of the brightly-dressed surfers.

The couple spent around ten minutes listening to the experiences of other members of the group and sharing their own, laughing and putting their arms around each other. 

Dabriella Quayle, 37, said afterwards:  “Oh my goodness, they were just so real, so relatable. They shared their own experiences, which was amazing.

“Harry said seeking help was the best thing he had ever done. He was really open and honest. He said it doesn’t matter who you open up to, they don’t have to be professional. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex meet a local surfing group on Bondi Beach in Sydney (AP)

“Anyone can be there for you.  It could be your best mate or a stranger. You just need to open up to them. “

She added: “They talked about the strangeness of their own situation and the lives they lead but that at the end of the day they are just real people. They are just human beings. 

‘They said they were just like us in that people say lots of positive things to you and then they say one negative thing, and that’s what gets you down.

“Meghan said how she did yoga at 4.30 this morning because of the jet lag. She says she is feeling ok, not too bad. 

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“They said they hadn’t really had time to settle down and get their heads round thing, and they have another 70 odd engagements to go, she said.”

After the circle the royals walked over to a group practising yoga.

Nio Poniatowski , 25, said: “Meghan said it was her ‘leveller’, it’s what keeps her grounded, like surfing does for us. She said it was her escape.”

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