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Published by Addie Mauldin.

Here’s the inside scoop—after talks with PETA, Baskin-Robbins has launched its first-ever dairy-free ice cream options. Beginning on August 1, you’ll be able to grab a cake cone or cup of the brand’s new nondairy Chocolate Extreme and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The first is a rich dessert with chocolate ribbons and chocolate chunks, and the second is an egg-free cookie dough lover’s dream with cookie pieces, chocolate chunks, and chocolate ribbons. While Baskin-Robbins already offers vegan sorbet in store (including Daiquiri Ice, Watermelon Splash Ice, and Raspberry Sorbet), these two new creamy flavors are dairy-free versions of its most popular ice cream options.

Baskin-Robbins has joined an ever-growing list of ice cream brands and companies that understand their scoops should reflect the public’s increasing interest in vegan options to aid their own health, to help animals, and to protect the environment.

Both flavors boast a creamy base of coconut oil and almond butter. Now, you can experience a similar taste and texture to Baskin-Robbins’ original options, without contributing to the pain and torture that countless cows experience on dairy farms. So ditch the dairy, and indulge in Baskin-Robbins’ tasty animal-free ice cream.

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