Vegans Are Sharing Their Birthday Cake Nightmares, And The Struggle Is Definitely Real –

One of the best parts of your birthday is going out to a restaurant with your family and friends and having all the attention on you when a dessert—with some sort of extravagant candle or cake topper—makes its way over to your table. Other patrons stare while you pretend to hate it but you secretly love it, and sometimes the restaurant gives the dessert to you free of charge. Well, the luxury of a birthday dessert seems to be lost on vegans, as some Twitter users shared their vegan birthday horror stories.

It all started when a Twitter user named Yazmin shared her birthday plight online. Her birthday treat was an entire plate of literally one single banana slice with a candle in it smack in the middle of the dish. “Happy Birthday” was written in (vegan!) Hershey’s chocolate syrup, so that’s nice I guess. “I went out for my birthday and i’m vegan so they gave me a single slice of banana instead of cake,” she wrote.

Now, the replies are where this all gets much more hilarious. Many questioned why they couldn’t just give her the whole banana. Like, is there a banana with one single slice taken from it still lingering somewhere in that restaurant’s kitchen? Another Twitter user made a good point, though: Bananas are going for $120,000 now, according to one Art Basel artist, so an entire banana was out of the question obviously.


Another vegan shared her own birthday horror story. Apparently, when she went out for her celebration, she was given a cup of ice with a cherry on top. It wasn’t even the good, chewable, crunchy ice either. SMH.

It seems pretty clear that some restaurants don’t have the best dessert options for vegan customers. So next time one of your vegan friends is celebrating something, try out some of our vegan dessert recipes, because the restaurant you go to may not have it covered.

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