Bodybuilder admits stabbing gay roommate 16 times, then pleads not guilty in court

Bodybuilder admits stabbing gay roommate 16 times, then pleads not guilty in court

Tracy at a bodybuilding competition | Photo: Facebook/Geoffrey Tracy

A 25-year-old bodybuilder and fitness model is pleading not guilty to second-degree attempted murder after stabbing his gay roommate 16 times.

Geoffrey Tracy admitted to police that he stabbed 50-year-old Gregory Kanczes on 14 August in their New York apartment.

At his arraignment on Wednesday (19 September), Tracy pleaded not guilty to second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault. He said it was because he was defending himself.

‘The guy tried to make moves on me, I told him no, then he said he’d shoot me so I had to defend myself,’ he told police, according to a report from NY Post.

‘I had a knife to him, he went for the gun. I filmed myself on my iPhone saying I didn’t want to kill him. He had a gun. I had to kill him.’

Tracy, who is originally from California, also reportedly said he dropped the knife in a dumpster.

Prosecutors offered 20 years in prison to Tracy in exchange for a guilty plea. He is currently out on $500,000 bond as the case progresses.

The victim is healing

Tracy stabbed Kanczes in the neck, chest and shoulder. Kanczes survived the attack and received treatment at Bellevue Hospital.

The altercation occurred a few days after Tracy arrived in New York. He traveled to the state to earn money at a strip club. The venue’s owner invited him and set him up at Kanczes’ apartment.

Tracy said Kanczes made the advances on him, and then prevented him from leaving the apartment and threatened him.

‘He’s so muscular and Greg’s not,’ Kanczes’ ex-boyfriend, Norman La Chance said. ‘You could have thrown him and ran out the door. You don’t stab somebody.’

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