The Modern Spartan from Florida – Nick Pulos

Nick Pulos is an actor/bodybuilder from Orlando, Florida. This gigantic muscular man is almost 2 meters in high (195cm/6’5”) and his weight can reach about 130kg/290lb.
As Nick himself has confessed on his Instagram account, acting has always been his passion, although it’s a new professional path for him. Until 2017 and for a decade, he was a field technician and purchasing manager for a telecommunications company. Nick always knew he wanted to do something “superhuman” and before college, he even went to a firefighter’s academy. TV shows like Even Steven’s aroused Nick’s interest in acting and Dragon Ball Z/Jay Cutler were his inspiration for bodybuilding (2nd place in NPC Tahoe Show 2013 in Super-Heavyweight Class). 
After “juggling” a full-time Telecommunications career and part-time interpreting cases, he has finally achieved his dream despite being warned that it was “almost impossible” to enter the entertainment industry. 
Enjoy the huge “Modern Spartan”, a new big muscle star!

Country: USA/Greece
Birthdate: ?
Height: 195cm/6’5”
Weight: 125-130kg/275-290lb

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