Roelly Winklaar Reached a New Level at Prague Pro and Could be the Next Olympia Champion

In a society and time period where instant gratification is demanded by everyone, bodybuilding remains one of those endeavors where patience and diligence are the key to success. A few years back the idea that Roelly Winklaar would be a legitimate Olympia threat was far from many fans minds. He was massive and had some insane arms and definition, but he was perceived as missing the right elements that could see him become a champion. After the 2018 Olympia, it’s pretty clear that Roelly Winklaar has shown the kind of progress that will put such talk to bed.

The 2018 Olympia showed a changing of the guard as Shawn Rhoden unseated Phil Heath as Olympia champion, Roelly Winklaar coming in third place. When you consider that Winklaar took sixth at the 2017 show, it’s obvious that he’s been making some solid improvements to his game. Winning the People’s Champion title also proves that the fans believe Roelly Winklaar has the potential to be Olympia champion.

So what seems to be the secret to his success as of late? How has Roelly Winklaar turned from being a quality pro to top class talent?

It may have to do with the fact that Winklaar has competed less and less over the last few years. Where 2015 saw Curacao native compete six times, in the three years since Winklaar has competed a combined seven times. The theory is that this way he can focus all of his attention on building himself up in the off season while limiting the amount of times he punishes his body with a weight cut.

The proof is in the pudding as he appears to have reached a whole new level. Following up his impressive Olympia showing, Roelly Winklaar has now won the 2018 Prague Pro and showed that he has legitimate shot at becoming Olympia champion with his insane physique.

Patience is a virtue and Roelly Winklaar is proving that hard work and dedication pays off.

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