Guy Cisternino Gets Real About the Best Way to Get Sponsored in Bodybuilding

When you’re a young up and comer in the game, getting a sponsorship can be a truly elusive and daunting task. It’s hard to know exactly how to go about it as it seems to be some kind of industry secret that not many individuals are willing to talk about. As a result, young competitors are floundering and desperately looking for the answer to getting paid to do what they love.

But not everyone keeps their mouth shut about the reality of making money as a bodybuilder and fitness personality. There are some outspoken individuals who are willing to give the information to the people, but it may not sound as sweet and lovely as one may hope. One of those individuals is veteran bodybuilder Guy Cisternino.

A standout bodybuilder for many years now, Guy Cisternino like all bodybuilders went from being an unknown amateur to one of the most recognizable competitors in the world today. While he had to claw his way to the top, Guy Cisternino has picked up a few things along the way and that includes a solid knowledge base and experience.

In a recent Instagram post, Guy Cisternino went in depth about how to go about getting sponsorships in bodybuilding and he’s cutting out all the fluff.

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