Ronnie Coleman May Never Walk Again

Pushing your body to the limits has its consequences. On one hand you may be able to create an unrivaled physique for the masses to look upon with awe and envy. You may be able to truly change the course of history with your well crafted physique through constant training and consistency. On the other hand, you may do irreparable damage to your body that simply can’t be fixed. Ronnie Coleman was able to do both.

The eight time Olympia champion truly changed the bodybuilding game by building such a massive physique that no one was able to duplicate his accomplishment. Try as they might, nearly every bodybuilder Coleman faced in his career couldn’t match his incredible size and musculature.

That said, Ronnie Coleman is now paying the price for pushing his body to a point of no return. The multitude of surgeries the former Olympia king has underwent is staggering, the results of which may have taken away his ability to walk under his own power.

In recent interviews with Muscular Development, Ronnie Coleman has stated that he may never walk again due to the mishaps from his numerous surgeries. When asked whether he would be able to walk under his own power again, Ronnie Coleman didn’t sound all that confident.

“I don’t know if that’ll ever happen because I’ve had too much damage done to my body from all these surgeries a lot of it has to do with the way the surgeon performed the surgery and the surgeon that I’ve had the last three surgeries been really bad and caused a lot of damage to my body so I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk.

but I’m gonna give it my best shot, but I think if that surgeon had performed these surgeries right, then I would have been walking a long long time ago.”

The Generation Iron team are sending our prayers to Ronnie Coleman in hopes that he makes a full recovery and is able to one day walk again.

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