Slovakian bodybuilding monster Michal Krizanek

Michal Krizanek is a tall Super-Heavyweight, the biggest bodybuilder in Slovakia and one of the fastest growing stars in the bodybuilding community. He has been impressing muscle fans all over the world with his fantastic size and as well aesthetics, a perfect combination for every muscle worshiper. 
Born in 1990, the young Michal literally just appeared in 2016 among big bodybuilders and after having competed for one year, he earned his IFBB Elite Pro Card in 2017 by winning the +100kg Category of IFBB EVLs Prague! He won two Pro shows in 2018, the IFBB Elite Pro in Madrid and the IFBB Arnold Classic Europe Elite Pro 2018 in Barcelona. Now the world knows who this young bodybuilder is. His super genetics, make him a real muscle phenomenon with great proportions and very BIG arms! Maybe a new real muscle giant who will write history? We will see…
Country: Slovakia
Birthdate: 1990
Height: 183cm/6′
Competition weight: 113kg/250lb
Off season weight: 120kg/265lb

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