Dan the Bodybuilder Gives Update on Leg Surgery After Nearly Losing it to Steroid Injection – generationiron.com

For the most part bodybuilding is all about training and eating in a manner that will allow your body to grow. But there’s an element of bodybuilding that simply can’t be overlooked and that’s the decision on whether or not to use steroids.

Many bodybuilders train without steroids, more interested in staying fit and strong rather than overshadow fellow competitors on a posing stage. But there are still individuals that choose to use steroids despite not having competitive aspirations. Some individuals that simply want to get the ultimate physical form, or at least the one they ultimately crave in their mind’s eye.

Dan the Bodybuilder in Thailand isn’t someone you’ve seen on the Olympia stage, yet he is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast. With hopes of taking his physique to the next level, Dan the Bodybuilder has been taking steroids for years. But recently a batch of the gear he’s been injecting has caused an infection in his leg.

With his leg, and potentially life, hanging in the balance, Dan the Bodybuilder took to YouTube to inform the masses and seek help to undergo surgery. Well, it seems that Dan the Bodybuilder was able to undergo his operation. Here is how things turned out.

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