WATCH: First Look At Olympia Champ Shawn Rhoden Training In 2019

The world was shaken last year when Shawn Rhoden dethroned Phil Heath at the Olympia 2018. While it was a well earned victory, many fans of the sport thought it was near impossible to beat Phil even with his physique waning compared to his early Olympia victories.

Now here we are in a new year and a new outlook on the upcoming Olympia 2019. The question is no longer will Phil Heath get another victory… but will Shawn Rhoden get another victory? Fazi Fitness has a collection of pro bodybuilder updates in his latest video which includes one of our first looks at Shawn Rhoden training in the new year after his various tours across the world after Olympia.

We’re a long ways off – but the world will keep a close eye on Shawn Rhoden as he prepares throughout the year to repeat what he was able to accomplish in 2018. We can’t wait to see what happens.

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