How Rachel Lost 15 Pounds and 6% Body Fat in Just 90 Days

In this episode I interview Rachel, who recently completed my 90-day coaching service and dropped 15 pounds and 6% body fat, while getting stronger on all of her key lifts.

Before finding me and my work, Rachel didn’t look unhealthy, overweight, or feeble, but that’s how she felt.

Like many women, she was an avid runner who avoided weightlifting because she thought it would make her look “bulky” and “manly,” and especially because she’s tall and has relatively broad shoulders for a woman.

Also like many women, Rachel had subjected herself to all kinds of starvation and fad diets over the years, which had taken their toll both physically and emotionally. She was confused, she was frustrated, and she was starting to feel hopeless.

Then she stumbled across this podcast, liked what she heard, started applying my teachings, and was thrilled with the results.

Once she starting eating and training properly, the improvements came quickly, and she realized that gaining muscle in the right places in her body and reducing her body fat percentage is the key to getting the body she really wants—a lean, athletic, toned body, not a blocky, masculine one.

Rachel’s next step was signing up for my one-on-one coaching service, and now, about a year into her transformation journey, she’s looks and feels better than ever before and is really just getting started.

So, if you like hearing motivational stories about how people have changed their bodies and lives, and if you want to pick up a few tips that may help you in your personal journey, then this episode is for you.


4:58 – What was your diet and fitness like before and after our coaching program?

6:57 – How many push ups can you do now?

7:21 – Where are you at with your dumbbell bench press?

7:47 – Were you concerned about getting bulky while gaining strength?

12:49 – What was your diet and fitness like before our coaching program?

15:14 – How did you find our coaching program?

15:42 – How was your transition into our diet plan?

19:12 – What was your meal plan like during our coaching program and how did it compare to your previous diets?

26:08 – What was your exercise routine before you started our coaching program?

26:17 – Why was the gym intimidating to you?

29:08 – How much cardio and resistance training did you do on our coaching program?

33:49 – What are your current goals?

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