Is Figurine Company Iron Idols Using Bodybuilder Likenesses Without Consent? –

Iron Idols is a figurine company dedicated to immortalizing the the bodybuilding greats of the past and present. Their goal is to provide figurines commemorating bodybuilders who have left a major mark and those that are extremely popular with fans.

In reality it sounds like a great concept for a figurine company who are themselves clear fans of bodybuilding. The only problem is that it appears Iron Idols haven’t been getting consent from the bodybuilders they are immortalizing in figurine form.

A number of sources have confirmed that Iron Idols have been producing figurines of bodybuilders without getting proper consent. Jay Cutler has even drawn up a cease and desist letter to prevent Iron Idols from using his likeness for their figurines. Sources close to Kai Greene have also confirmed that the bodybuilder did not give his consent for a figurine to be created in his likeness.

As Iron Idols has only recently launched, only time will tell if they’re able to get consent from bodybuilders to use their likenesses or if they could potentially be stopped in their tracks.

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