Eddie Hall Looks Jacked and Lean in This Throwback Pic!

Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall has never been known for his ripped and shredded physique. In fact, at the height of his power as the World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall was known for having a massive frame with plenty of muscle and belly fat.

Since dialing back on strongman competitions Eddie Hall has become even more lean and jacked than ever before. Eddie Hall has gone on record that now that strongman competitions aren’t his main focus he wants to remain more lean and shredded than in his competitive days.

But before Eddie Hall was proving himself on the strongman circuit, he was a normal teenager looking to start his journey into strength. This recent post by Eddie Hall shows the former World’s Strongest Man in his younger years when he was far leaner than we’ve ever seen before.

Are you impressed with Eddie Hall in his younger form?

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