WATCH: Stanimal Comments That He Will Be Moving Up To Men’s Open After This Year

Stanimal De Longeaux has been powering through Classic Physique for the past few years fighting to be a top contender at major shows like the Arnold Classic and Olympia. But it looks like after this year he will be switching things up and moving on to the Men’s Open division. This all comes from a recent Instagram post – buried amongst the hundreds of comments – Stanimal replied to a fan stating that Olympia 2019 will be his last Classic Physique competition. Then he’s moving up to the Men’s Open.

The comment itself can be hard to find among the hundreds and hundreds of comments total. So Fazi Fitness has captured it and included it in his latest compilation video above. You can also check out the post yourself right here:

Stanimal will have to significantly pack on more pounds if he wants to be a strong contender in the Men’s Open – so it will be interesting to see if he will compete immediately in 2020 or take a full year off to prepare. Only time will tell – so for now let’s see how he finishes off this year in Classic Physique.

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