This Wooden Sculpture of the GOAT Arnold Schwarzenegger is Absolutely Amazing!

From the onset, bodybuilding has always been considered an art form by loyal practioners. The endeavor was never just about lifting things up and building muscle, it was also about presenting the human form in as much strength and elegance as possible. This notion was especially true during the Golden Era of bodybuilding where athletes like Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, Sergio Oliva, and of course the consensus greatest of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger dominated the bodybuilding scene.

Building his legend and taking his career to unforeseen heights, Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven himself to be one of the most iconic figures in fitness and entertainment. ‘The Austrian Oak’ transitioned from bodybuilding champion, to action star, to politician with a smooth ease that only a man of Schwarzenegger’s confidence could only pull off.

Always looking at bodybuilding as an art form, Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasized posing over massive musculature. You needed to have the look, but it was all about artistic expression. Now it seems that the former Olympia champion has inspired some pretty interesting art himself as this wooden sculpture indicates perfectly.

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