Danny Hester Answers: Should Chris Bumstead Have Won Classic Physique Olympia 2019?

Danny Hester shares his thoughts on Chris Bumstead’s physique vs Breon Ansley.

Danny Hester was the first ever Classic Physique Mr. Olympia champion. In many ways, this made his physique the standard that all other Classic Physique competitors would aspire towards. But of course in such a young division, things will evolve and change quickly with each passing year. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Danny Hester weighs in on Chris Bumstead’s Olympia 2019 victory.

After the Olympia 2019, many fans of the Classic Physique division were divided. Some were ecstatic that Chris Bumstead became the new champion, while others believe that Breon Ansley was robbed and had the obviously better physique for the division. That’s why we met up with Danny Hester, the original Classic Physique Olympia champion, to see what his thoughts where of the epic face off between these two talented competitors.

Danny Hester admits for his personal taste, he preferred Breon Ansley. But that’s largely because Breon falls closer to Danny Hester’s own height. This makes him more in line with the kind of physique Hester was able to present at the Olympia. He does believe that Chris Bumstead has an amazing physique as well – but thinks that he has yet to perfect it. He thinks that the physique Chris Bumstead presented at Olympia 2019 was not the peak of what Bumstead can accomplish.

In such a young division, things can change very fast. Danny Hester also touches upon whether or not such a different switch in awarded physiques would lead to confusion for the Classic Physique division – similar to what originally happened for Women’s Bodybuilding over the years. While Danny acknowledges the concern – he thinks that more time is needed to see if this is simply a division finding its footing, or the judges creating confusion for the competitors.

Check out the full GI Exclusive interview clip with Danny Hester above!

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