A morning of yoga

A morning of yoga

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It was a day of yoga and trek for enthusiasts at Nandi hills on Sunday. As part of the Bangalore Mirror and ADD.FITT joint initiative, many had turned up for an early morning yoga session on top of Nandi hills.

Instructor Dayananthan Kanagaraj started off with the basic level of the yoga and taught many asanas. The participants were seen performing various asanas as it had nature as a perfect backdrop. Each movement of the flow yoga was synchronised to breath and there were also sessions on surya namaskar and a tips and benefits on spiritual benefits of doing yoga.

Divya Dayanand, a martial artist and contemporary dancer, said, “Performing yoga with the open nature gives fresh feeling . The connectivity between the body and mind will be experienced in a spiritual way. I advise today’s generation to practise yoga regularly, as it is beyond strength fitness. Yoga helps in keeping the body mind and soul peaceful.”

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