Eva Kilgore: 5 questions with Fountain Valley yoga instructor Olivia Rose Lopez

Olivia Rose Lopez is motivated when she’s teaching yoga students, happy to see them working through injuries and becoming more mindful.

The Fountain Valley resident keeps her private and group classes varied. How varied? She even has a Kitten Yoga class coming up.

Singing, songwriting, and making crystal jewelry round out Lopez’s passions.

She told us she wasn’t always this centered … and we wanted to know more.

Q: So, it’s been a journey to get where you are today, right?

A: Yes. I was in a very toxic relationship, and when I left I realized that self care, and taking my life back, was so important. I struggled with severe anxiety and obesity. Finding yoga completely transformed my life. Within a year and a half of starting a regular yoga practice, I lost 90 pounds. I knew I wanted to give back, and enrolled in yoga teacher training. Now I run Olivia Rose Yoga, started in 2016.

Olivia Rose Lopez found yoga reduced her anxiety. (Courtesy of Cari Lightfoot Pike of Cari Pike Photography)

Q: How did yoga transform you?

A: As a teen I really struggled with depression and anxiety. I barely wanted to go outside, or exercise. Yoga helped me deal with some of those emotions, and flowing with your breath releases so much stress. The physical part came naturally after I fell in love with the mental part of yoga. Now, I am a much more active person and love adventure.

Q: You have a class called Kitten Yoga?

A: Yes! Kitten Yoga is the ultimate therapy. It’s an easy-going restorative yoga class with the extra feature of cuddly kittens. We are working with several rescue organizations to find the right fit. The number of kittens will depend on the number of yoga students in the room. Class is capped at 10 people, but we’re hoping this will be a monthly class, and we should be adding dates soon. I am collaborating with my friend and fellow yoga instructor Teshia Campbell. We both adore animals, and have a special connection with cats. I’ve had cats my entire life and understand how they can function as wonderful emotional support animals.The class will be held at Luminous Nutrition in Fountain Valley, at 16540 Harbor Blvd., Suite K-1.

Q: What else keeps you busy?

A: I’ve watched my Aunt Candy make jewelry my whole life, and when I Iearned about the chakras (the body’s energy points) in my yoga teaching training, I thought it was so interesting to see how crystals I’d watched her work with took on so much more meaning. I learned the effects of each healing crystal, have them in my home, and will wear certain crystals for heart chakra and emotional healing.

I’ve been singing and writing lyrics and melodies since childhood. … Now I am writing and producing an album with my guitarist Xaq Adriance. And we have an EP out on iTunes called “Clarity” and mostly make acoustic music.

Q: Anything else coming up for you?

A: I strive to create a safe space for growth with my students. I host yoga and wine retreats in Southern California. Our last retreat was in the heart of Temecula wine country. I hope to do destination yoga and wine retreats in the future.

I see every day as a blessing.

For more information about Olivia Rose Lopez’s yoga, jewelry and music, visit oliviatherose.com or call 949-338-6230.

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