Yoga Studio Gunman Was Fired for ‘Touching’ Female Student

The Florida man accused of fatally shooting two women at a yoga studio last week had recently been fired from a substitute-teaching gig after allegedly grabbing a middle schooler inappropriately. Investigators have yet to determine a motive after Scott Beierle, 40, allegedly gunned down Nancy Van Vessem, 61, and Maura Binkley, 21, at a Tallahassee yoga studio on Friday night before turning the gun on himself. On Monday, officials at Galaxy Middle School in Deltona, where Beierle lived, revealed details about his work history that appear to bolster reports of him having a record of misogyny. The Volusia County School District said in a report that Beierle lost his job at the middle school in May of this year after allegedly asking a girl in his class if she was ticklish and then touching her “below the bra line,” the Tallahassee Democrat reports. “Student was frightened and hid behind another student,” the report says. When confronted by superiors, Beierle reportedly tried to flee and had to be dragged back into an administrative office. Beierle also had at least two prior arrests in Florida for allegedly grabbing women, though those cases never went to court. He is also believed to have posted a series of misogynistic videos on YouTube in which he aligned himself with the incel movement and raged against the “collective treachery” of women who had rejected him.

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