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Andy Petranek, former owner of a Santa Monica CrossFit gym, and his business partner Michael Stanwyck, came up with the concept in 2012, and have been running it a few times a year ever since; the last one, which wrapped before the holidays, had 60,000 participants from around the world. Those who sign up are required to be accountable for seven daily health practices, which include nutrition, exercise, mobility (such as stretching), hydration and sleep. For each thing you successfully complete by the end of the day — say, 10 minutes of any kind of exercise, drinking 30% of your body weight in ounces of water, spending time journaling or meditating, you are allotted five points. (When it comes to diet, a point is deducted for every infraction of a nutritional rule.) You start a team or will be joined into one, and each day you check in with the rest of the group and see how many of the maximum of 35 points everyone has. “The idea is to create long-term, sustainable changes in your life,” said Petranek, who added that the six-week time frame allows for modest changes. “The faster the change happens, the less likely it will stick. And this is a community of people who are very committed.”

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