Discovering fearlessness through meditation – Times Colonist

Fearlesness in meditationNeither a leader nor a follower be, yet be fearless and act with unambivalent compassion. This is the training goal of Buddhist meditation and a good deal of the Dharma as well. Being neither leader nor follower, we move along a middle path that is always as wide as possible, bound only by harm and the alleviation of suffering. It is sometimes called liberation because one suffers less of the pain inherent in heedlessness. The relief from this suffering is always a surprise and a delight but not necessarily conducive to wellness. 

This liberation is completely scalable, from the mundane to the magnificent, also from the unwholesome to the wholesome. In other words it perfumes the whole of life and for that reason it is important that it be brought into being through meditation first. Find your first fearless moments in meditation if you happen to be one of us self rendered feckless people; and for those who are already fearless just do it. Let our effortless unambivalence arise from fearless meditation rather than be imposed by anxiety and inertia.