Yoga meets Winter in ‘Snow-Ga’ – Teton Gravity Research

Hot yoga isn’t for everyone, and now it doesn’t have to be. There’s a new yoga trend in the works known as Snow-Ga, which is the same ol’ traditional yoga just practiced in sub-zero temperatures.

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Gemma Merna, who teaches the extra brisk practice at an indoor ski resort in the UK, is a firm advocate about practicing in chillier temperatures. In her opinion, Snow-Ga creates a deeper connection between the mind and body. She explains on the Chill Factore website: 

Practicing cold yoga means you have to focus twice as hard on your body’s movements and breathing, establishing a deeper mind-body connection, and ultimately leading to a feeling of total wellbeing

In Snow-ga’s defense, colder temperatures do aid in blood constriction, which is often used in yoga as a means to tap into the body’s natural filtration system. By sending blood back towards your core, the body can remove harmful toxins which can help in reducing inflammation, chronic pain, and more. 

So, if you’re needing a new way to chill out, this could be for you—that is if you’ve got great circulation. Naaa-maaa-stee.

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