16 Cute, Office-Appropriate Layers For When It’s Offensively Cold at Work

Summer (and by that I mean, warm weather clothing season), is by far my favorite time of year. But one thing that always gets me is the cold office AC. Now if you’re one of the lucky few who tends to run warm, stop reading. This isn’t for you. I on the other hand, am perennially cold. In fact, the thought of freezing at work for eight hours straight makes getting dressed in the morning far more challenging than I’d like. OK, yes, granted, I also spend way too long trying to figure out which jacket or sweater will be light enough to carry but will also look good with my outfit of the day.

My solution? Keeping a warm layer, like a sweatshirt or wrap, in one of the drawers by my desk to cover up when the AC is literally giving me goosebumps. Having this extra layer is so convenient because it means I’ll have one less thing to carry home at night or bring back to work the next day—and because we’re at SELF, it also means I can take it to and from the studio for a post-work yoga class. To save you the trouble of scrolling through thousands of activewear pieces, I’ve rounded up 16 stylish yet versatile sweatshirts, wraps, and shawls that’ll keep you toasty no matter what your office dress code is like.

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