This New Meditation Tool is Like a Pillow For Your Brain – Gear Patrol

Meditation is like the phrase, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ The more you do it, the more apt you are to see the benefits, but so often we default to, ‘I’m too busy.’ The Wave, a pillow and headphone combo, wants to make meditating something that feels good. The pillow is more of a bolster that you lay on or lean up against the wall or a high backed chair, and it vibrates along to the meditation you’ll hear through headphones. I tested it out last week and was impressed with how comfortable it is. Download the app, put on the headphones and press play to hear and feel the vibrations behind you. The positive sensation will help you create a habit since it feels good, too.

If you love music and new albums, this is the meditation app for you. The founders created all the music from scratch, working with a consultant to find the ideal music and meditation blend. The focus of the meditation tracks is to help you find the motivation to meditate and boosting your energy, rather than focusing on fixing your anxiety, stress or something else.

You can buy the bolster, headphones and stand for $199 now, and then you’ll also need the music-guided meditation subscription. You can choose to pay monthly ($10) or yearly ($100).

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