Natasha Aughey is the Personification of Strength and Beauty

Each and everyday, more and more individuals are finding that to be the case as they push themselves to meet their fitness, bodybuilding, and strength goals. If you haven’t gotten the memo by now, strong is the new sexy.

Natasha Aughey personifies that saying perfectly.

The Canadian born fitness icon burst onto the scene just a few years back and has already amassed quite the following on social media. With over one million Instagram followers, it’s fair to say that Natasha Aughey has a great deal of influence. Most of that influence stems from the fact that she’s a superior athlete who also embraces her feminine side.

While their are still those with the antiquated mindset that lifting weights make a woman less feminine, Natasha Aughey proves that notion to be completely and utterly off the mark.

This Woman Crush Wednesday the GI Team is shining a spotlight on Natasha Aughey for her incredible physique and impressive athletic accomplishments.

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