The Last Strength Course You Will Ever Need

The Last Strength Course You Will Ever Need

Why Programming: Strength is the last practical strength course you will ever need

If you know anything about OPEX Fitness, you may have picked up on the fact that we don’t take an absolutist approach to fitness. More often than not, the answer to the questions is, ‘It depends.’

This is exactly what makes our new Programming: Strength course unique, says OPEX Coach Kevin Don, who designed the course. 

Other strength courses tend to be really rigid in what they teach, he explained.

What makes this different is the lack of adherence to any absolutist method. If you go and do (Mark Rippetoe’s) Starting Strength, you learn how to apply the Starting Strength method and nothing outside of that method,” he said. “In most strength courses, there’s inclusion of new things as they develop and evolve.”

Don added: “The difference here is to reflect OPEX values of there being no overarching method. The same method can’t apply to everyone who walks through the door, so we talk about, for example, in what situation you would do a low bar versus a high bar back squat and why. (Learn the difference between the high bar and low bar squat for free here.) We really want to deliver layers of information to empower the coach to make the best decision based on the individual.”

The course does this by teaching theory on how to build strength and also breaks down, step-by-step, how to design strength programs, which you will be able to immediately implement to help your clients see real results. 

Specifically, the course is built around the three big lifts—squat, deadlift and bench press—all the while focusing on health and longevity that support clients’ individual strength goals for life. Though it’s centered on the squat, deadlift and bench press, the course includes a movement library of 50 different movements and teaches how to fix motor pattern problems and errors you might see as a coach. 

The second aspect that makes the course unique and able to evolve with time is that it’s a 100 percent digital course, Don explained.

“It’s pretty risky if you put out a book and sell thousands of copies on your methodology,” he explained. This is not the case with this online course, which can adapt as new science and ideas emerge. 

Though the course is digital, for those who want some in-person instruction on top of this course, OPEX is also hosting a strength workshop this fall, where attendees will have a chance to work with case studies and receive feedback from top experts in the industry. Read more here.

Thirdly, the course is unique and valuable simply because it exists, Don said. 

“Juggernaut and a couple others have stopped giving strength courses, so apart from this being unique in what it teaches, it’s also unique in that there just aren’t many strength courses or options in gaining knowledge for coaching strength.”

Who should take the course?

Though the course is designed for coaches to learn about programming strength, Don said it’s also an incredibly useful course for anyone who is training themselves and wants to learn more about what they should be doing.

“It’s designed in a way that it’s accessible to everyone. The general population could take it to learn where they fit on the continuum of strength, but also it applies to coaches.”

So if you are an athlete looking to learn how to program effectively for yourself, or if you’re a coach and you want to:

  • gain more knowledge in strength-based program design,
  • develop effective strength progressions for clients of any experience level,
  • build confidence in coaching the big three strength lifts,
  • find out how to get clients stronger once they have maxed linear progression,

Register for Programming: Strength here.

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