Magic: The Gathering Official Yoga Pants Will Make You Feel Like An Iconic Planeswalker – Epicstream

If you want to do yoga while feeling like an iconic Magic: The Gathering planeswalker, Wild Bangarang has a new collection of officially-licensed Magic yoga pants for you, and it’ll be released this Friday. 

Over on Twitter, the UK-based licensed geek apparel and manufacturer revealed what these new cosplay-friendly yoga pants look like, and they feature some of the game’s iconic planeswlakers including Vraska, Liliana, and Jace. Check out the three yoga pants revealed in the image below: 

The Vraska one looks badass and the Jace looks awkwardly sexy. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a dude wearing the Liliana pants in a Magic event. Wild Bangarang will probably also release one featuring Chandra but it’s not shown in this image. 

Wild Bangarang has sold leggings featuring other fandoms like Harry Potter, Star Trek, and Hasbro’s My Little Pony among others but it’s a bit surprising to see a franchise like Magic get its own collection of yoga pants. 

The officially-licensed Magic: The Gathering yoga pants will be available on Wild Bangarang’s online store this Friday. 

Are you planning to buy a pair of these? If so, which planeswalker yoga pants would you choose? 

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