Walk Around the Clock

You know you’ve uttered the words: “But I don’t have time to work out” to yourself dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

It’s OK, you don’t need a lot of time to fit in some exercise. You only need time to move a bit.

For the next five weeks, we’re going to show you how to find a few minutes to move your body enough to make a difference. There are a few times throughout the day when you can squeeze in a walk without disrupting your schedule. Think of it as “walking around the clock.”

This week, we’ll focus on your morning routine. We’ll assume Monday is a work day for you, but if it’s a holiday, you might have time to add a few extra minutes during a session of activity.


Here are a few ideas for getting a morning walk in:

• Park your car half a mile away from your destination.

• Get off the bus/subway a stop earlier and walk the extra distance.

• Set your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier so you can walk before getting ready for work.

Here are a few other ways you can Move It Monday:

The Monday Mile.

Walking is not only an easy way to sneak in some cardio, it’s also an underrated form of exercise. Walking is easier if you have someone to talk to, and makes it feel more like a social activity than a workout. A great way to start walking while talking is a Monday Mile. You can either join an event that’s already taking place on Mondays, or create your own with your own group of friends or colleagues.

Inclement weather options.

Raining or twenty below outside? Here are a couple ways to still get moving in the morning that don’t require being outside:

  • Jumping Jacks. Stand with feet together, arms by your side. Jump your feet apart while raising your hands above your head, so they touch. Try and do 25.
  •  High knees. Basically, running in place. Lift your knees up level to your hips and start pumping your arms. One right and left knee equals one rep. Try to work up to 50.

There you have it. Now you’re armed with enough information to get moving in the morning. Enjoy your morning walk. Hopefully you’ll be halfway through your walk before your brain realizes you didn’t sleep in.

Stay tuned, next week we’ll discuss how to get some movement in at lunchtime.

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