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Creating a workplace that supports your physical and mental health, as well as job satisfaction, starts with employees. This means having a proper work-life balance that helps workers avoid burnout and improves productivity.

Due to hectic schedules and deadlines, workers often ignore mental health practices that can make or break their experience at work. That is where the Heartfulness Cleaning practice comes in.

Heartfulness Cleaning is a meditation practice that takes place after work to help wipe the slate clean of emotional reactions and complexions. Additionally, completing the Hearfulness Cleaning before work can help center and open you up to your heart’s wisdom throughout the day.

Healthy, happy employees make for a healthy, happy work environment, so here are some ways to achieve this.

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Practicing a healthy work-life balance is more than taking a break from checking your email after work hours. It should also involve spending time with your family, participating in hobbies and avoiding calls and meetings on the weekend.

Physical work environments can also play a huge role in how satisfied one is with their position. Adding greenery, natural materials, collaborative spaces, team-related activities and group meditation can help boost productivity.

If you spend the majority of your day working in front of a computer screen, it is vital to maintain routine checkups, as well as encourage workers to take a break from their work to rest their eyes.

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