Meditation in Motion: How to Win the Rat Race (Free event) –

Does the “Rat Race” have you feeling like you’re running around lost in a maze, exhausted from spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?? The key to winning the Rat Race is to learn to slow down.

Kick off the Chinese New Year of the Rat with this Meditation in Motion class and learn to reduce stress, anxiety and lack of focus. You’ll learn to still your mind by moving your body. You’ll use Silk-Reeling Energy to give your body an internal massage and stimulate the relaxation response. Coordinating your movements with your breath will help you calm your mind and boost your energy levels. Many people also report having the best sleep of their life after this class!

This class is based on the principals of QiGong and TaiJi that have well documented benefits for health. If you are interested in the benefits of meditation, then this free class is for you!

Be sure to visit our web site for other events as we celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Rat!

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