Mar 7 | Mind-Body Practices: Mindfulness Meditation & Movement | Ellicott City, MD –

Join us for this interactive two hour mindfulness session. Learn about mindfulness and how you can integrate it into your daily life to manage stress and remain calm under pressure. We will engage in breathing techniques, meditation, and informal practices.

Wear loose comfortable clothing as we will also engage in Qigong, a mindful movement sometimes referred to as Chinese yoga. You may already be familiar with tai chi, a form of qigong.

This workshop will be a more in-depth dive into mindfulness and the various ways it can be practiced than the series of one-hour workshops held October – December 2019.

In addition, participants will receive materials to support a practice as well as a discount towards LiveWellFlow mindfulness-related e-books, journals, and downloadable guided meditations.

Plentiful free parking. 


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