A meal for a cause: Vegan potluck to be held in Chennai

CHENNAI: If you are vegan or aspiring to become one, here is an opportunity to explore the philosophy and get inspired. Eco-activist Sonal Jain is putting together a unique potluck in Chennai that will bring together lip-smacking vegan recipes and offer a chance to learn a thing or two about sustainable food habits.
Sonal, who is a member of Boondh, a social enterprise working towards sustainable menstruation practices, says the idea behind the initiative is to meet vegans and non-vegans in the city and raise awareness on everything from animal rights, healthy food and environmental sustainability.
“The first vegan potluck that I hosted in Chennai was to find like-minded people and celebrate a choice we made towards conscious living. Over the years, more people have showed up at the annual event, with close to a hundred signing up,” says Sonal.
“It is encouraging for those who have stumbled upon the ideology but are unable to initiate into the practice of it. Last year, one of them was surprised that we had curd rice, cakes, truffles and more made of non-dairy ingredients. We discussed the protein deficiency myth, well-being at large and animal rights at the event,” she adds.
The potluck will take place at C P Ramaswamy Aiyer Foundation, Eldams Road, from 1pm to 3pm on September 30. It is open to all. Original »