Antony Worrall Thompson weight loss: Chef cut this food out and lost more than a STONE

As well as being a well-known TV chef, the 67-year-old is the author of cookbooks Ready Steady Cook, The Quisine Cookbook, and The Essential Diabetes Cookbook.

In recent years, the British chef has showed off his impressive weight loss – which saw him slim down by more than a stone.

Antony’s trimmer figure came after a doctor warned him he could be set to be diagnosed with the health condition diabetes.

Following the dramatic change, the chef revealed one thing which had previously been stopping him from keeping slim.

Speaking to back in 2010, Antony explained that once he had cut down on the particular habit, he soon lost the pounds.

The father-of-five revealed he was partial to sugary tea – previously drinking 15 cups per day.

“One of the big stupid things was tea,” he told the publication.

“I rarely had cream and am not an excessive drinker.”

So, how did he cope with the lifestyle change?

Antony went on to divulge how he had instead opted for mint tea.

As well as ditching the unhealthy drink, the star also upped his exercise regime.

Having previously spent long hours in the kitchen, Antony decided it was time to up the amount of training he did each week.

Hiring a personal trainer, the TV favourite began working out three times a week, and encouraged his children to follow suit.

“Even my children can’t escape. I get them to do an hour on the treadmill every day in the school holidays.”

Antony also quit smoking – and went on to reveal he had slimmed from 15 stone to 12 stone 10 pounds.

Meanwhile, fellow celebrity chef James Martin recently opened up about how dropped an impressive five stone.

The star, who hosts Saturday Morning with James Martin on ITV, used to weigh in at 19 stone 7 pounds.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the TV regular – who is currently on a tour of the UK titled James Martin: On the Road…Again – explained he often called on his pals for some help.

“I’ve got a lot of mates of mine who are quite good chefs in the area who usually open late,” James said, as he addressed sticking to a healthy diet.

Quizzing him on his weight loss, presenter Ben Shepherd added: “You must be burning up a lot of calories on stage.”

At which point, James responded: “Mainly because of stress more than anything else because it’s a lot of weight, you have to perform every night.”

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