Greater Anglia goes vegan

Abellio Greater Anglia have added a tasty new range of snacks to its buffet car.

The train firm now offers its own selection of vegan food.

A vegan sandwich, chocolate and orange cake and a flapjack are now a welcome addition for commuters.

One happy customer tweeted the company to say: “Fantastic to see Greater Anglia has at least 3 vegan options in the café bar on the Norwich to London line.”

The range has gone down well with customers, and the company are now investigating more vegan alternatives.

Michael Wyatt, Greater Anglia’s business manager, on board catering, said: “Veganism is growing rapidly in the UK and East Anglia is no exception.

“Therefore, we felt it was important to offer vegan options on board our trains, and they are going down a treat.

“Even if you’re not a vegan I encourage you to try them – we’ve sourced some great products which are really delicious.”

Food accounts for about 20 per cent of greenhouse emissions and cutting out meat and dairy could reduce an individual’s carbon footprint from food by up to 73 per cent.

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