Two days after going vegan, I was ready to call in quits

THE vegan lifestyle isn’t cheap, especially when you’re new to it. But once you get into the habit, and planning your meals, it gets easier.
Fatigue, bloatedness and overall sluggishness is the best way to describe our vegan journey so far.

We didn’t think it was going to be this difficult, but the possible healthy pay-offs are reason enough for us to continue.

November is Vegan Month, hence our willingness to participate in this popular lifestyle. After all, it’s a choice – one that we will continue to take on for the rest of the month.

Going vegan can definitely have an impact on your body, good and bad, especially for beginners. Experts say your body will either adjust to the sudden change or try to fight off the new eating plan. In our case, it was the latter.

We reacted to it differently, even though our experiences were similar on some days. While Megan had been perfectly fine for the first few days, Viwe wasn’t doing well. On day two, she was ready to call it quits.

For the first week, our aim was to familiarise ourselves with vegan products and to create easy meat- and dairy-free home-made meals.


About 20 minutes before sitting down to write this piece, I was ready to throw in the towel after six days.

Aside from a bad cold, which I credit to the extreme hot and cold weather changes in Cape Town, my body felt fine. However, on Tuesday morning I woke up feeling sluggish, sleepy and weak.

It was strange because my cold had already cleared up by this time, so I figured that these were the “changes” dietitian, Jessica Kotlowitz spoke about last week.

The vegan lifestyle isn’t cheap, especially when you’re new to it, but once you get into the habit of planning your meals, it becomes easier.

This brings me to another challenge – meal planning. I have never planned my meals but since going vegan this has become my new normal. I nervously prepared each meal, taking in very little of whatever I’m making.

Breakfast is usually a switch between Checkers Simple Truth crushed wholewheat flakes, tastes a lot like Weet-Bix, and the wholegrain instant oats, which I have with almond milk.

I had Fry’s chicken-style burger for the first time last weekend and I loved it. I had to check the box several times to check if it’s really vegan. I also tried Woolworths’s sweet potato, butter bean and red pepper sausages, but I didn’t enjoy them.

A note to Woolies – and other vegan producers – if it says sausage (or chicken), it had better taste like sausage (or chicken).

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