Tom Kerridge weight loss: Chef’s ‘filling and delicious’ food swap – after losing 12 stone

In busy households, many people find themselves looking for quick and easy food choices to make for the whole family. While there is an array of healthy options out there, this can leave some falling back on ready-made meals – which can sometimes be packed full with calories. However, celebrity chef Tom Kerridge has offered an alternative – sharing one of his recipes with viewers during his latest BBC show. It comes after the Michelin-starred chef lost an astounding 12 stone.

The 45-year-old, who is 6’3”, used to weigh in at 30 stone.

However, as he approached the milestone age of 40, he made the decision to shed the pounds.

After upping his exercise routine and changing his diet, Tom now weighs a healthier 18 stone.

The chef also cut alcohol out of his diet, and these days, he follows the lesser-known “dopamine diet” in order to maintain his weight loss results.

This diet plan includes foods such as eggs, dairy products, unprocessed meats, and dark chocolate – as well as fruit and vegetables.

In tonight’s episode of Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start, the chef will show viewers how to make a chicken peanut stir fry.

The recipe features a selection of vegetables, as well as noodles, chicken, and peanut sauce.

In a teaser clip of the episode, the chef frys the foods in a pan, and moments later, announces it’s ready to be served.

And, after whipping up the meal, Tom shares it out with the guests in his kitchen.

“The great thing about a dish like this, is it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients, or a lot of time,” he said.

“If you’re used to taking things out of the freezer, well instead of it being a pizza or a lasagne that you haven’t made, it could be some of those frozen noodles.”

Summing up his delight about the family having enjoyed the meal, Tom added: “That’s a great result.

“A happy family all enjoying a quick and delicious home cooked meal.”

As well as having altered what he ate, Tom previously revealed that he had taken up swimming in order to shift the pounds.

In an interview for the BBC Radio Four show Desert Island Discs, the chef explained: “Exercise is big, so I started off by swimming.

“I’d swim a mile and I’d swim it really slowly and I wouldn’t give up.”

Nowadays, Tom can often be found working out in the gym.

Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start begins tonight on BBC Two at 8pm.

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