How much are Freddos? Price of bar finally drops back to 10p at Tesco – but not for long

Freddo chocolate bars are an extortionate 25p, after originally costing just 10p when they first hit the market in 2000. After the price of the 18g bar increased to 25p in 2015, fans of the treat have been angry ever since. But Tesco has listened to customers’ frustrations and is putting Freddo chocolate bars back to 10p. However, the deal is for one week only as Tesco celebrate their 100th anniversary with a ’prices that take you back’ campaign.

The offer starts today to perk up shoppers on Blue Monday, which is said to be the most depressing day of the year.

The price of the Freddo will stay at 10p until Sunday 27th January.

Tesco responded to customers’ demands following a wave of requests about the bar on social media.

And it’s not just Freddo bars included in the 100th anniversary deal – deals on a number of other branded items will be available all week at the supermarket.

Last year it was revealed the chocolate bar’s price soared by 2,000 per cent since the year 2,000.

Cadbury quickly lowered the price from 30p to 25p following customer backlash.

But after Tesco dropped the price of the Freddo today, chocolate fans were thrilled.

“Well this has cheered me up my #BlueMonday – Tesco have rolled back the price of Freddo bars to 10p. Well it’s just for this week, but still yippee to this week! #MondayMotivation,” one person tweeted.

“On the verge of a national crisis and thank goodness for Tesco,” tweeted another.

Meanwhile, a third pointed out: “What kind of accidental Freddo expert would I be if I didn’t highlight the fact that @Tesco is bangin’ out 10p Freddos this week – the first time you’ve been able to grab one at that price since 2016.”

Many are also vowing to stock up on the treats again.

“It’s true! All next week Freddo is 10p, its original price @Tesco what a time to be alive!” wrote another chocolate lover.

Another shopper replied tweeted the supermarket: “Not all heroes wear capes!”

A report from Vouchercloud in 2016 predicted Freddos would cost a staggering 38p if their price continues to rise at a consistent rate.

When they were first launched they weighed 17g, growing to 20g in 2007, before shrinking back to 18g four years later.

The bar has now stayed at 25p, ever since Cadbury brought the price back down from 30p last year.

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