Woman drops five sizes from a size 18 to a 6 following this diet – cutting out this food

A weight loss diet has been credited for helping this woman shed from a size 18 to a 6.

Cassie Bubb dropped three stone in just three months.

She shed an impressive five dress sizes, after she struggled to walk.

But after seeing a photo of herself in a tight-fitting dress with her brother, Cassie realised she’d been in denial about her weight and realised the impact it was having on her health.

At her heaviest, the 31-year-old, who’s just 5 ft 1 tall, weighed in at 12 stone 8lb. She’s now maintaining her weight at a much leaner 9 stone 1lb.

Before her diet overhaul Cassie ate toast smothered in peanut butter for breakfast, and fried chicken and crisps regularly.

Now she eats egg white omelettes packed with low fat cheese and mushrooms, lean chicken and fish with tasty rice and vegetables and protein bars.

Following this plan in just three months Cassie lost three stone after going from eating thousands of calories a day to less than 1,800, and began lifting weights to tone and tighten her lean figure.

She now hits the gym for two hours, three times a week to lift weights.

Speaking about her weight loss journey Cassie said: “Walking to the park took massive effort. I’d have to stop a couple of times to sit down so the pain in my hips and knees would stop.

“I was only in my late 20’s but was having the aches I expected to have as an old woman.

“Now the achy joints have gone and my relationship with food is transformed. I eat a lot more than I used to but am still maintaining my weight.”

What does Cassie eat now she has achieved a tiny size 6.

“I love my carbs so have lots of rice, pasta and potatoes, enjoy tasty steak baguettes with lots of salad, bagels packed with avocado, sausages and bacon,” she said.

“Nothing’s off limit, I just eat sensibly. My kids have a healthier diet – everything’s home cooked from scratch.

“I’m more confident than I’ve ever been, my skin looks great, hair is much thicker – losing the weight has completely transformed my life.”

Cassie continued: “MuscleFood has been part of my journey from the start. Lean chicken and steak have been central to my diet.

“The key to losing weight and keeping it off for me has been about having a better relationship with food and increasing my exercise. Finding the time with two kids isn’t easy but it’s important to make the time.

“I’m a much happier person, we all eat better and have a more active, healthier lifestyle.”

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