Why is Algenist going vegan? – CosmeticsDesign.com USA

‘Vegan’ is shaping up to be a valuable variant of the clean, green, and natural beauty movement. Vegan resonates with today’s conscious consumers looking to purchase from ethical brands and support sustainable sourcing while also allowing for safe synthetics and other ingredients that aren’t necessarily fully ‘natural’ (a term that is itself increasingly contentious).  

Rose Fernandez, CEO at Algenist, affirms as much in the company’s press release announcing the shift to vegan formulas, saying, “It’s not a secret that global pollution is on the rise – our consumer is ever-aware of the environmental impact on her health and actively making lifestyle changes for the better. She prefers brands to also be environmentally and socially-conscious without compromising results.”

“Commitment and consistency are key. We aren’t shying away from ingredients that work and we know to be safe under EU regulation,” ​emphasizes Fernandez, suggesting that biotech and lab-made molecules will likely be considered and used in current and future Algenist product formulations. “Rather,” ​she adds, “we are committed to holding ourselves accountable to finding alternative plant sources to ensure that our luxury formulas are safe and effective while still leveraging our sustainable use of algae across all categories.”  

The brand’s commitment to ‘vegan’ isn’t so much a strategy or formulation change as it is a commitment to source, formulate, and market only vegan beauty products.