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After embarking upon a rigorous course with the Kresser
Institute to study and train to be an ADAPT Health Coach, I decided to put
myself in my prospective client’s shoes and begin a Thirty Day Reset diet following
a Paleo template. Typically a client would be prescribed a diet protocol by a
Functional Medicine doctor or a registered dietitian to address their health

In fact, last year my family and I were placed on the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) by a Functional Medicine doctor and I found that to be very challenging. The Thirty Day Reset is quite similar in approach with some subtle differences, e.g. unlike AIP it includes nuts and seeds in moderation, and excludes natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey completely.  I wanted to understand the challenges that clients would be dealing with when faced with a prescription or protocol that you can’t just hand in to the pharmacy to fill.

Let me start by saying that the Thirty Day Reset was a lot more straightforward than last year’s AIP. This was due at least in part to the fact that I’d already made so many lifestyle changes over the last 12 months. I felt overwhelmed by the AIP because it was a huge amount of food shopping, cooking and preparation. As soon as one meal was finished and I’d cleaned up, I’d start to prep the next as we’re a family of 5, with 3 of us battling auto-immune diseases. I remember walking into the supermarket and thinking ‘this will be quick!’ as only the first aisle had the fish, meat, vegetables and fruit that were part of our ‘new’ diet. I found the supermarket incredibly expensive and soon turned to my local butcher, fruit and veg stall, fish man and egg lady who not only provided a wider and better priced array of local produce, but could also vouch for the provenance.

The Thirty Day Reset was immediately more straight-forward
as this time it was just me, and not my entire family. This meant that I didn’t
have to spend time preparing food, then more time talking people into eating
it, teenagers don’t tend to like hot smoked mackerel salad. Surprisingly I
still had the caffeine withdrawal symptoms on Day 2, but this was less severe
and more short-lived than before. One of the worst days was Day 5 which was the
first Friday night. Typically my husband and I will have a glass of wine or a G&T
to mark the start of the weekend. This ritual effectively disappeared as a
glass of San Pellegrino with a slice doesn’t really cut it.

Another challenge was going out to dinner with friends. I
was driving so not having an alcoholic drink wasn’t a problem. However, I
became that person, you know the one who asks for the salad, but then proceeds
to ask for half of the ingredients listed on the menu to be excluded. My three
friends had ordered their complicated tapas dishes in the time that it took to
figure out my amended salad.

A low point was having half an avocado for lunch with some
smoked salmon hastily thrown into the hollow left by the pit. You have to be
very organised and plan your meals, and if you run out of time that’s what
you’re left with. For the majority of the thirty days my family would eat the
same food as me for dinner, but they would have some additional carbs in the
form of rice or white potatoes.

How did it go? Well, I feel fantastic. My sleep has improved, my skin is clearer, my thoughts are sharper and I’m much less tired than before. I’m waiting on blood test results to see if my auto-immune disease has been pushed into remission. Was it easy? Yes, because this time around I knew what to expect and I had a far greater insight into the science behind the diet because of my Health Coach training. Was I hungry? No, although I did have some cravings for sweet food. Did I lose weight? Yes, I lost 3 kilos over the month which was an unintended benefit. The most important thing is that I feel more like myself and have so much more energy. Now the fun starts with the food reintroductions, I’m going to take it slowly and carefully monitor any side-effects. By the time that I’m finished I’ll have created a personal paleo template that will be the perfect diet for me at this time in my life. For more info, take a look at The Paleo Cure by Chris Kresser or

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