Centra release Vegan Sausage Rolls and Jambons across Ireland – Irish Post

WE’VE ALL heard about Gregg’s Vegan Sausage Roll.

In fact we’ve heard about it… and heard about it… and heard about it.

But with Ireland’s distinct lack of the UK-based pastie-shop, the market was wide open for cruelty-free treats in the Republic—and the chance has been snapped up by the nation’s favourite deli, Centra.

To the sound of joyous cheers from Irish vegans, Centra announced their new vegan range—and the sausage roll holds pride of place.

And while Gregg’s was treated as Saviour of the Vegans for their incredibly convincing plant-based sausage roll, Centra has gone one step further, also introducing Breakfast Baps and even the almighty VEGAN JAMBON.


Centra Ireland

The breakfast bap, often hailed as the ultimate hangover cure, contains vegan sausage, hashbrowns, mushrooms and classic Ballymaloe relish.

Centra Ireland

The soy-based, spicy sausage roll looks as tempting as usual.


Centra Ireland

And the glorious jambon is made with a mouthwatering mix of crispy pastry and warm curried cauliflower and sweet potato. Get in.

Demand is expected to be huge for these tasty new options, but Centra are charging a meagre price: 3 jambons or sausage rolls for just €1.50 and the vegan breakfast bap for €3.50.

The vegan twists on the classic Irish staples are causing a stir online—but so far there have been no Piers Morgan-esque tantrums from furious meat eating celebrities.


If you need us we’ll be on a ferry crossing the Irish Sea, setting sail towards the closest Centra.

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