Dear Abby: Meat lover no longer wants to dine with vegans – Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Dear Abby: Some of my extended family members have become vegan. When they come to my home, I make sure to have appropriate food for them, in addition to nonvegan food for others. When I am invited to their homes for a celebration, they offer only vegan selections. No one is allowed to bring nonvegan or meat-based dishes to their home.

It has reached the point that I no longer want to go there when a meal is involved. I have tried talking to them about this, but their reply is, “No meat allowed in our home.”

Is it common for vegans to prohibit guests from ever taking other food into their home?

— Meat Lover in Houston

Dear Meat Lover: People become vegans for a variety of reasons.

Individuals who adopt this way of life often feel as your relatives do. If it limits your enjoyment of these celebrations, forgo them and participate in get-togethers that don’t include food.

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