Hey, Does This Look Like Anyone You Know?!?

I have bad news for that unemployed architect who thinks he’s hitting the big time with his sports arena shaped like Conor McGregor’s beard: plans are already in place to erect a stadium resembling Khabib Nurmagomedov’s furry hat.

And if you’re thinking, “It’s not a hat, ignorant dumbass, it’s a papakha,” I will gladly argue the point just as soon as I finish my existing squabble with Bellator MMA correspondent, Steve Juon, over whether or not a waistcoast can be called a vest.

Anyway, Karim Zidan over at Bloody Elbow has the details on this ridiculous venue, affectionately labeled “Khabib Arena,” which will seat 7,000 sports fans and also include gyms, training facilities, a hotel, and a museum that showcases Dagestani athletes.

You know the old saying, “If you build it, they will come laugh.”

Just so we’re clear, I don’t think it’s a dumb idea to construct an arena in honor of an athlete. Heck, we have a Rocky statue just outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My issue is trying to make it look like a furry hat, because the spec photos instead look more like my old popcorn ceiling when my toilet started leaking.

Not surprisingly, some local residents are not in favor of the proposed eyesore venue, undoubtedly a major factor for phase two: seeking approval and funding. If and when it does come to light, maybe this wish will finally be fulfilled?!?

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