Hardy Too Rich And Pretty To Take Adams Personal

Juan Adams has gone on record saying that his fight against Greg Hardy — which goes down this Saturday night (July 20, 2019) at UFC on ESPN 4 in San Antonio, Texas — is both business and pleasure. Adams has been lobbying for a fight against the former NFL star for a while, and now that he has it, he plans on sending him packing.

But despite all the trash talk Adams has hurled Greg’s way, “The Prince of War” doesn’t take him too personally. Even if he tried to, his good looks and his massive bank account wouldn’t let him.

“I’m too rich, too pretty, I’m having too much fun to take this personally,” Hardy told MMA Junkie. “I think the only thing that’s going to come out of this is I’m going to prove he’s a stepping stone. We’re going to wipe his name from history, move on, and continue to watch ‘The Prince,’” he said.

Hardy insists he doesn’t have time to listen to lesser men, but says that while stuff he has heard from Adams, he’s still only going in to do a job his bosses at UFC sent him to do.

“I looked him up just a little bit,” Hardy said. “I saw him complaining about my boss, Dana, and I don’t take that lightly. I saw him talking about the UFC, how they won’t give him this and give him that, and as a person that has come in and earned it, I felt responsible when the bosses sent me. So they sent me, I’m coming to handle it, deal with it, extinguish the problem, and move on.”

Still, Hardy understands why Juan thinks he has to drum up interest for the fight in the only way he knows how; and it’s all because his fighting skills alone can’t draw eyeballs.

“He’s still not on my radar,” Hardy said. “I’m a superstar, man. I don’t really notice ants. It’s lion and sheep, honestly, and their opinion rarely means anything to me. I want to say I have as much respect for the kid as I can have, I guess, for drumming up the kind of business that he’s trying to drum up,” he added.

“When your talent can’t back up what you’re doing, you’ve got to resort to other methods. And I guess that’s what he has to do. But the world knows me. The crowd knows me. I’ve been getting bashed this whole time, and my response is the same. God bless ’em. I’m going to put him in the hospital and wish him the best.”

Adams is 1-1 so far inside the Octagon, the same record Hardy sports after taking out Dmitry Smoliakov earlier this year. A win for either man will give him a huge boost on the official UFC rankings. After all, it doesn’t take too many wins to climb the ladder in the land of the big men.

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