Masvidal: Pay Me In Cash, Gold, Or PPV Points…But Pay Me

A matchmaker’s job for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been getting easier and easier as the years go by, as top contenders haven’t been shy in calling out their next challenge after big wins.

And for the most part, they get their way.

Case in point, after Nate Diaz made his triumphant return to the Octagon at UFC 241 last Saturday night (Aug. 17, 2019) in Anaheim, Calif. (see it again here), he was quick to call out Jorge Masvidal as his next opponent. To everyone’s delight, “Gamebred” was, well, game.

While fighters calling their shots and trying to write their own ticket is fine and dandy, UFC officials still run into problems, which all boils down to the mighty dollar. Indeed, when you have to hot commodities looking to throw down, the price goes up, which at times doesn’t sit too well with the higher-ups.

According to Masvidal, the only reason why a fight against Diaz won’t see the light of day will be because WME and UFC failed to open up the checkbook.

“I want to do it this year. Let’s see how UFC plays it. If they want to play hardball or if they want to give in to what the fans fucking want,” said Masidal during a recent media scrum. “If the fight doesn’t get made it’s not because I don’t want it or Nate don’t want it, it’s because we’re not getting what we want. Which is sad to say because that will be the only way it won’t go down.”

For Masvidal, having a backup plan isn’t on his mind, and he has his sights fully set on a showdown against the Stockton slugger. His requests for a title shot and a fight against Conor McGregor have already been shut down, so if this bout doesn’t come to pass, it may cause a rift between he and the promotion.

“There is no back up plan. All I know is that I put my ducks in a row and Nate did the same thing and we are on a collision course. We got to get compensated for it. That’s is, that’s all we’re fucking saying. All I am saying is that I want to get compensated for my fucking services,” he added.

Winner of two straight over Darren Till and Ben Askren — both via knockout — Jorge says he doesn’t care what form of payment he gets, as long as it’s hefty.

“I don’t know if they want to pay me in cash money, or pay-per-view points. I don’t know what we are going to end up doing. Gold, whatever,” he concluded.

So you want to be a fucking fighter agent?

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