Pic! Jon And Colby Bro Out In College

Back before Colby Covington blew the collective minds of MMA fans around the world by fully embracing MAGA and Donald Trump as his troll aesthetic, he used to keep things relatively meat and potatoes by dishing s**t on his former college roommate, one Jon Jones.

As usual with Colby it’s hard to know what is real and what’s just Colby saying stuff, but they did indeed live together during their time at Iowa Central Community College, and now we have photographic evidence of this magical era.

Oh, to be transported back to the simple days circa 2006 … was America great back then? We’d have to ask Colby, but they certainly seemed simpler. Both young men where championship level wrestlers, and it would be two years later that Jon would step into the cage for the first time and start competing in MMA. Interestingly enough, Covington tested the waters first around the same time this picture would have been taken. He holds an amateur MMA win from back in August of 2006, his lone match before going pro in 2012 and hitting the UFC in 2014.

No one cared too much about Covington as he toiled away on UFC prelims, but he did manage to generate press when bringing up his old roommate.

”When you’re in a small town in Iowa, a lot of kids are farm kids and they always wanted to start some stuff with the wrestlers,” Covington told FOX Sports in 2014. “I was a national champ in college and Jon was a national champ, so they’d always try to pick fights at our house parties and stuff. We would just clear out the place of a bunch of townies. Especially Jon — he’d be throwing people through windows and stuff. It was nuts. He has a bad temper, when he gets mad, he gets mad.”

Covington eventually graduated from airing Jones’ dirty (and smelly) college laundry during interviews to calling his ol’ school chum out directly on Twitter, eliciting this classic response from “Bones”

And now Covington’s doing both. Happy?

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