White: Colby Is A ‘Big Mouthed F—king Idiot’

Despite Colby Covington getting the welterweight title shot he wanted against current champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 this December, the brash contender is still creating “Chaos” atop the promotion.

This comes after Covington targeted Dana White earlier this week, saying that he would “slap” the UFC president if he tried to put the 170-pound title around his waist at UFC 245. Covington also went on to give UFC a big “f—k you” and add that White likely suffers from “CTE.” It’s hardly the type of reaction you’d expect from a guy who just inked his first true UFC title shot, but this is Colby “Chaos” Covington we’re talking about.

White, who usually doesn’t feed into the things that spew out of Covington’s mouth, was asked about the welterweight’s comments during last night’s UFC Boston post-fight press conference (see it HERE). Let’s just say the UFC frontman called it as he sees it.

“Good luck with that,” White said about Covington potential slap. “He’s a big mouthed f—king idiot.”

Remember, this isn’t the first time Covington has threatened the well being of White. Earlier this year, “Chaos” bum rushed White at a blackjack table in Las Vegas and demanded a UFC title shot. Covington then went on to say if he didn’t receive one he’d make White’s life a “living hell.” That’s hardly the type of language you should use when talking about your boss, but, again, this is Colby “Chaos” Covington we’re talking about.

Despite Covington’s long track record of issues with White, UFC brass still worked with the 31-year-old to schedule his grudge match with Usman for the big end-of-year PPV headliner. So no matter what “Chaos” tries to say about White and his organizational tactics, UFC is still in the Colby Covington business. After all, the welterweight contender is a bona fide show stopper.

Considering Covington tends to say whatever he needs to in order to sell tickets and create more buzz around his name, we really don’t know what sort of relationship White and “Chaos” have behind closed doors. But if it’s anything close to what is portrayed in the public eye then White may be wishing for “Nigerian Nightmare” to the lay the smacketh down on Covington at UFC 245 this December.

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