Heba Ali’s Insane Beach Workout!

Heba Ali, the 22-year-old Jordanian and CEO of Evolve Nation, is taking the fitness world by storm by digging deep into the mental psychology of fitness and sharing it with the world. Doing so has allowed her to establish herself as a successful personal trainer, transforming not only her client’s bodies, but their mindsets.

Heba showed off her INSANE hybrid training style in her most recent instagram post and got everyone at the Iron Man headquarters jaws to drop as she went through a series of intense Hybrid Training workouts in deep beach sand.

Check out the post below:

Heba’s current task at hand is to teach what she calls, “Hybrid Training”. Along with focusing on psychology and mindset, the main objective of hybrid training is to keep the human body functional, fast, and strong, It encompasses many different types of training, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength conditioning, and functional training. Heba implements this form of training to provide alternatives to the repetitive movements that we all do in the gym. She claims, “One, they’re more enjoyable. Two, they’re more effective”. She promises her clients a total mind, body, and soul transformation.

Check her out on instagram @evolve.nation

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